Wild Creations Art Studio


(posted on 24 Jun 2014)

Almost ready for Artwalk 2014! I am putting the finishing touches on several new paintings, painted just for Artwalk. Look for the new images under Available originals in the next few days :)

(posted on 14 Jan 2013)

With the new year, there have been many changes. I have closed my retail frame shop and art gallery to be able to make the leap to being an artist full time. I sold all of my artwork before Christmas and I currently am working on a few new collections. Please look for new art at the beginning of March!

I have also recently went through a couple of name changes. Personally, I went from Schmidt back to my maiden name, Morris and my studio name changed from Wendy Schmidt Fine Art to Wild Creations Art Studio. My new studio name better reflects all the different types of art I will be doing. In addition to oil painting, calligraphy is now a staple in my studio and I have also taken the first baby steps towards airbrushing for helmets, motorbikes and vehicles.

In the meantime, feel free to email me, I would love to hear from you.

New for 2012, I will be the new scribe for the Alberta Order of Excellence. I am looking forward to working on the project and learning all about the recipients, their lives and accomplishments.

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