Wild Creations Art Studio

Wendy Morris


I have had an affinity for art since a very early age, but had not seriously pursued it until taking a week long calligraphy course in 1991.  Since then, I've received instruction in watercolor, acrylic, sculpture, airbrush and oil.

I prefer the buttery consistency of oils and the slower drying time which allows me to play with the paint a little longer than other mediums. I like painting in different styles, exploring abstract and still life.  I like painting things "close up", a style borrowed from my photography days.  I also like experimenting, completing paintings that are monochromatic and others that have very vibrant, surreal colors.

Inspired by many sources, I have recently been experimenting with different mediums, techniques, substrates and styles including jewelry and painting on wood.

My calligraphic projects are a very structured art form: I produce calligraphic scrolls for family histories, illuminated scrolls for The Alberta Order of Excellence and scrolls for the "True Awards" for The Lieutenant Governor's Circle on Mental Health and Addiction.